I am RE-EDITING my books now and will be getting them back up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please be patient as I get them done. The revised editions will be worth the wait!

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  1. Amanda Early says:

    Will you be finishing up the Kihanna saga at all?

  2. amanda early says:

    I saw another author making books with similar storyline and the same book covers?!?!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Hey mercy!
    I started reading your books last year or if it was not two years i can not remember. I just love your books and you are the reason i started reading even in the first place. Before i never even opened a book. I am thankful for what you did and i only hoped that you would still be publishing your amazing work to the world. I don’t really understand why you took down your books. I have already read your text where you explain why but i still don’t understand. I hope you will change your mind and start publishing your books again. //warm hugs from me,Alexandra🤗❤️<3

  4. missmelyt says:

    When is no escaping reality coming out as it says it was supposed to come out last year but it’s not on the book store? X

  5. bessie says:

    Hey mercy, i was just wondering how you are? I can’t wait to read all of your books again. Was just checking in. Hope you are well ❤

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